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We are proud to be 3rd generation greenhouse operators. We are professional growers with roots in growing since the 1950's. Our commitment to growing quality produce is our highest priority and we strive to do so with maintaining a healthy work environment for both our employees and our product.

Our Certificates

Canadagap Certified

We are fully certified to grow and package cucumbers for sale in Canada and the United States. CanadaGAP Food Safety Certification is a 3rd party audit conducted by NSF Canada Agricultural Certification Company and assures compliance to the standards required. This includes traceability of product being sold and the safe handling and cleanliness of the processing machinery.

Canadagap Certified

The goal of the SFCA is to make the food supply as safe for Canadian families as possible by targeting unsafe practices penalizing activities that put health and safety at risk. The SFCA implements a more stringent inspection regime and works to improve food traceability.


With two facilities totaling 12 acres of growing space we can produce throughout the year. Our location allows us to serve not only the Niagara Region but also the GTA, Western New York and beyond with freshly harvested produce delivered same or next day.

Greengrow is committed to growing with sustainability in mind. Using modern hydroponic growing we are able use less water then many other growing methods. Unused fertilized water (known as leech water) not taken up by the plants can be collected and reused so that less fertilizer and less new water needs to be added. Greengrow also operates a biomass powered boiler making us less reliant on fossil fuels to heat our greenhouses in the cold winter months.

Pesticides are source of concern for many consumers. In order to avoid the use of pesticides Greengrow employs Beneficial Insects. These predatory bugs hunt the harmful pest insects allowing us to avoid using pesticides in most cases. The use of Beneficial Insects is the best way to control harmful pests in greenhouse crops.

When Pesticides must be used there are many biological options that are safe and available and strict guidelines are followed in the application of all pesticides. As a CanadaGAP certified grower Greengrow commits to proper and safe pesticide use when the application is deemed necessary.

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