Hewitt's Skim Milk - 1L Carton

Hewitt's Skim Milk - 1L Carton

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Skim Milk

Like Hewitt’s 1% milk, our skim milk contains natural minerals and vitamins, and has only Vitamins A and D3 added for your health benefit. Skim milk contains less than 0.30% milk fat, and is an ideal choice for consumers watching their fat intake without sacrificing the nutritional benefits of dairy.

USES: Hewitt’s skim milk is a nutritious, refreshing beverage which can be enjoyed on its own or used in many recipes from soups to desserts adding flavour and texture.


Skim milk, Vitamin A palmitate, Vitamin D3

Product Facts

  • Always made with 100% Canadian milk
  • Natural product
  • Low in fat
  • Contains calcium
  • Added vitamin A and D3 to benefit your health

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