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Raw Dog Food - Chicken (22lbs) - Radowg

Raw Dog Food - Chicken (22lbs) - Radowg

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Radowg Chicken (75 - 20 - 5)
Our Chicken is a whole ground carcass that consists of meat, bone and organs. A good source of vitamin B and niacin, and the glucosamine and essential amino acids in chicken make it great for bone health and building lean muscle tissue. Chicken is a great choice for a base protein because of its affordability.

  • All bags contain 24 bricks and are approx 22lbs in weight.
  • The ratios are meat to bone to organ.

**If ordering for Delivery you should be home to receive the delivery due to the frozen nature of the product. If you are not home we encourage you to leave a cooler outside for us to place your delivery in

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